To start, you’ll enter a private suite, filled with items pre-selected to your specification.
You and your stylist will work together to find the perfect colours, fit and fabrics for your body shape. You’ll discuss how to build looks and thread your style into each and every outfit.
Following these discussions, further options will be selected to hone and perfect your wardrobe.
Our aim? To leave you feeling fabulous and fashion informed.
If you’re looking for an image consultant in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow or the rest of the UK, contact Charlotte to find out how we can help.
We’ll provide you with specialist treatment in some of the UK’s biggest shopping locations.
If you’re looking for an image consultant in London, Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK we can help.
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting to suit you.

“You certainly had my style down to a T and helped with ensuring the pieces fitted well and suited my figure” – Sarah